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The health of a mother impacts the family and even the entire community. Her ability and access to receive necessary healthcare largely determines health outcomes for herself and her baby.

Sexual, reproductive and maternal health is both a fundamental human right and a critical development issue. Improving sexual, reproductive and maternal health is therefore central to our commitment to gender equality and to reducing global poverty.

Please!!! let us join together to fight the high maternal and infant mortality rates in Uganda and also the whole of Africa.


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1.Eating for two

Yes, now you are two, but that doesn’t mean you need to eat for two. Hold on, eat healthy, but only for one and that is you. Eat a healthy diet and maintain your calorie intake as prescribed by your gynecologist.

2.Resting more than needed

Yes, in Pregnancy you tend to get more tired, but that doesn’t mean you should stick to your bed and rest all time. Resting more than needed can be bad for the growth of fetuses. You must rest, but in a limit.

3.Skipping meals

During pregnancy, food habits change. But you must not skip meals at any cost. Have your meals at the proper time and make sure you don’t eat just before going to bed. Have small meals, but frequently, Do not skip your main meals.

4.Improper Sleep

Sleep is very important during pregnancy, you must have proper and sound sleep to give your body and vital organs some rest. Make sure you have a proper and comfortable sleep.

5.Stress of Weight

Most pregnant women get stressed by their increasing weight. Increased weight indicates the proper growth of the baby developing inside the womb. Once the baby is out of the womb you can easily reduce your weight. Stress is not good during pregnancy, so forget weight and stay happy.

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6.Choosing a C-Section

Normal delivery means labor pains which are very scary for every woman. But choosing a C-section thinking it is an easier method is the most common mistake every pregnant woman makes. C-section looks easier way to get rid of labor pains, but in reality it is more painful in the long run. A Caesarean Delivery means a longer period of recovery, difficulty in feeding the baby and pain in the lower back (due to the injection given in the lower back).