A Zero Technological Gender Gap

Our Strategic Objectives

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Inspire young girls and women to
take on technology related careers

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Teach and train in business, leadership, and technology education

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Create a community of leaders, technologists, and businesswomen

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Improve learning outcomes of girls by introducing them to STEM early


As a way of being able to reach all girls interested in our programs, WITU is giving an opportunity to volunteers to start clubs in their local communities. Clubs meet after school and on weekends throughout the year in primary schools, secondary schools and local universities. Through volunteering two hours a week, a volunteer implements the 8 week curriculum designed to teach a wide range of skillsets through multi-level content. Our volunteer instructors have the chance to expose girls in underserved areas to a comprehensive and unique education in Technology.

Code Girl clubs are launching in 10 secondary schools in 2016 and are going to help hundreds of girls gain exposure to ICT education. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to start a club within your community.

Our Programs

Career & Leadership

The Career, Leadership and Life Skills Program (CLSP) is a 3 -6 months training program that engages young girls & women that have dropped out of school and are from underserved communities who are not in any income-generating activity. The young women are trained in STEM, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Life skills.

Code Girls

During school terms, we train girls in primary school from ages of 8 to 13. We also work with school teachers and the staff to implement computer clubs in these schools and initiate a 50/50 policy for computer usage so that girls are not left behind. These are held during the holidays every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9 - 12 PM.

Digital Schools

What can we do to advance education in Africa where resources are scarce? Use Technology, its sustainable and scalable. Build digital tools that rural schools can use to support teachers where there are not enough. Help students understand difficult concepts that their teachers cannot teach. When classroom hours are not enough for teachers to engage students, use technology to encourage self and peer learning.


The WITU HUB is women founders development hub that catalyses women-run start ups and offers invaluable guidance through leadership training, business development, technical advise, consulting, mentoring, network connections, access to markets and investors. IT runs a 12 week accelerator program and incubation of women who want to be leaders and powerful entrepreneurs with successful businesses within Africa.

Our Power In Numbers

Girls Trained
Jobs Created and Found
Small Businesses Strengthened


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